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Reinstalling a Cloud Server

To "reinstall" your cloud server, you must create a new cloud server instance. This process will irrevocably destroy your current cloud server instance. Because of this, it is essential (if possible) to create a backup of the data on your current system. Hostwinds cannot stress the importance of this enough, as when the "reinstall" occurs, you will remove all the old data, and you will not be able to retrieve it again.

Note: To enact the steps outlined in this section, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. Furthermore, you will need to navigate to the Cloud Control area by clicking on the Cloud Control dropdown and then clicking on the Cloud Portal link.

The reinstallation process

Start at your Cloud Control dashboard, select the green Create dropdown button from the screen's top right, and select the Servers (Create a cloud server) link.

Once clicked, we will present you with several choices available to customize your server, outlined below:

Select Server Image: Hostwinds provides multiple options to choose from for your server and organized them by splitting them up into three options:

  1. Operating Systems:
    1. CentOS: Versions 8, 7, and 6
    2. cPanel: CentOS 7 + the cPanel WHM
    3. Ubuntu: Versions 20.04, 18.04, 16.04, 14.04
    4. Fedora: Versions 32 through 25
    5. Debian: Versions 10, 9, and 8
    6. Windows: Versions 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008
  2. Applications: Choose from a large variety of 1-click application installs from Drupal to WordPress.
  3. ISOs: We provide a large number of ISOs that you can choose from to get started.

Confirm that you would like to install after you have made your choice. Note that in doing so, you will delete the current instance of your server, including all data on this server. Therefore, it is vital to back up all data you wish to keep.

After confirmation, a message will appear to show that your current instance is being deleted or is gone. However, it may take up to a minute or more to finalize. Note that a second message will appear when the server is ready.

Congratulations! You have successfully "reinstalled" your server.