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Attaching a Volume

You can find the volume's management controls in the Actions dropdown menu next to each volume.

Attach Volume

The Attach Volume button allows the volume to be attached to another server. Click the Attach Volume button, and a prompt will display requesting the server to attach to the volume. You'll be given a dropdown list to select the server based on the server's Friendly Name and IP address.

Once you select the server, click Confirm.

The volume status will change to attaching while the volume is being attached to the server. Once it has been attached, the status will change to in-use. However, you'll need to refresh the page to view the status update.

Attached Volume

The attached volume will display on the server as soon as the status changes to in-use. For Windows servers, the drive will need to be viewed and changed to online in the disk management settings.

Volumes can be attached to any of your servers and are not limited to use on only one.

Upload Volume Image

If you would like to upload a Volume and take a Snapshot, you can use the Actions button and select Upload to Image.

This will ask for the name of your Image. You can then click Confirm to begin creating this Image.

This gives you lots of flexibility with your Volume, and the image will be made available in your Snapshot Images when creating a new Volume, as shown above, to save your time and effort.

Detach Volume

Similarly, once attached, you also have the option to detach the volume as well.

Deleting Volumes

In the Volume's Actions on the right side, you can choose to Delete any of your Volumes at any time. For example, clicking the Delete Volume underneath the Actions dropdown for the volume selected will prompt you to delete the volume.

You'll be prompted with a confirmation request to delete the volume.
Clicking Confirm will delete the volume.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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