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Change Password for a Hosting Account

Hostwinds makes it easy to change the password to your account plans while making sure you can only do it securely. Should you choose to do so, this will affect your sign-in and administrative abilities. Please make sure you wish to do so before continuing.

Changing your Account Password

Note: To enact any of the steps outlined in this section, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area.

To change your existing Account password from the Client Area dashboard, click on the Hi, (your account name) dropdown link and select the fourth option from the top named Change Password link. We will then direct you to the Change Password page.

From here, you must enter your existing password to change to a new one. Hostwinds asks you to enter the new password of your choosing twice. Be sure to use both uppercase and lowercase characters as well as include at least one symbol (#$%^* etc.) to ensure it passes our tests. We recommend that you make this as unique as possible to ensure the security of your account.

Changing a Hosting Account Password

If you prefer to change the Web Hosting Account password, you can do this from the Client Area home page. On the MY PRODUCTS & SERVICES table, select the service you would like to change the access password for and click the green Manage button.

Upon entering the specific page for the service, click on the Actions button on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Enter the new password of your choice twice, and be sure to use both uppercase and lowercase characters. Also, make sure you include at least one symbol (#$%^*, etc.). Once you've done so, make sure to click the green Save Changes button to enact the change of your hosting plan's password.