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Getting Started With The White Label Reseller Service

Hostwinds' White Label Hosting plans are a great place to offer web hosting to your customers. This guide will help you get up and running as a Hostwinds White Label Reseller.

First Steps

After purchasing the White Label hosting plan, you will receive an email that will contain some basic information about your new White Label plan. It also includes credentials to access the cPanel account for the hosting. You will be able to store files that pertain to the site you will be reselling from this hosting and the nameservers and IP of the hosting plan to point your domain to the new plan.

New Hosting Service Information

cPanel URL: This will be where you can log in to the cPanel account associated with the White Label Plan.

Username: Here will be the randomly generated cPanel username. You can also use these credentials to access the server through FTP.

Password: This will be a randomly generated password associated with the cPanel account.

Server Information

Server Name: Here will be the Hostwinds server name on which your White Label plan exists.

Dedicated IP: This will be the IP address to which your White Label cPanel account is associated. You can point your site to this IP or use the nameservers below.

Nameserver Information

Nameserver 1 / 2: Use these to quickly point the DNS for your domain to the cPanel account. (This will have pre-configured values for MX, TXT, CNAME, and A records )

Getting Started

Under this section, we have listed some guides on getting started with WHMCS using Hostwinds' White Label plan.

At first, you can only access the cPanel account for your White Label hosting plan. During this time, technicians are in the process of setting up WHMCS manually on the Hosting plan to work with our Reseller addon. Hostwinds will generate a ticket on the Hostwinds account. Our technicians will communicate with you when the setup has finished through this ticket.

To make full use of this article, you must log in to the Client Area and navigate to the Support dropdown link from the top menu of the dashboard.

Click on the Support dropdown link from the Client Area and click the Tickets link to move to the Tickets page. Look for a ticket with the subject "White Label Reseller Setup Required." This ticket will provide you with the information you will need to continue. Hostwinds will send you a response in this ticket when the reseller module fully configures and the WHMCS has successfully set up. This message also provides the login credentials to access the WHMCS admin dashboard. Please note that these will be different from your Hostwinds and the cPanel Login Credentials.

Obtaining Your WHMCS Reseller API Key

Suppose you need to change your WHMCS Reseller API Key or manually install the Hostwinds WHMCS Reseller Addon later. In that case, you can view and regenerate your API key from the Client area.

To find and manage your API Keys in the Client Area, click on the Hello, User link on the top right of the dashboard and then click on the Manage API Keys link. On the API Keys page, you can copy the previously generated API key or regenerate it to receive a new one.

How To Use the Hostwinds Reseller Addon

From your WHMCS Admin Dashboard, you will need to click on the Addons dropdown link and click on the Hostwinds Reseller link. Doing so directs you to a page where you can update your API Key that ties the Addon to your Hostwinds account or create the products you want to resell.

Create a new product

When you start with WHMCS, you will not see any active products. To sell a product, you will need to select the ones that you would like to create.

To create products, click on the green Create Products button and move to a new page that provides an expansive list of all the Hostwinds Products that you can resell. Click the Checkbox next to the products you would like to sell, and at the bottom, click the green Create Products button.

Afterward, Hostwinds will create these new products on your WHMCS installation, where you can manually edit their pricing and the description and naming for the services.

Now from WHMCS, you will be able to start setting up your Payment Processors. With these, you can receive payments and personalize the WHMCS installation to be unique to your tastes.