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How To Create Hostwinds Products As A White Label Reseller

Creating Hostwinds Products

To resell Hostwinds products and services within your White Label Reseller account, you need to create these products within your admin area. To do so, set up your API details and ensure the connection is correct for the Hostwinds Reseller addon module.

The products and services break down into two groups, "Shared Hosting Services" and "Hostwinds Other Services."

Shared Hosting Services: This consists of three tiers of shared hosting that White Label can resell, being Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate tiered packages.

Hostwinds Other Services: This group consists of everything else that White Label Resellers can resell. Cloud Instances (both HDD and SSD), Managed and Unmanaged VPS plans, and Licenses fall under this label.

How to Create Product Groups

The Hostwinds Reseller addon module can easily create product groups for the grouping of similar products. These consist of anything you wish to use them for, and a general use case for product groups would consist of separate groups for:

  • Licenses
  • Shared hosting
  • Unmanaged HDD Cloud Servers
  • Unmanaged SSD Cloud Servers
  • Managed HDD Cloud Servers
  • Managed SSD Cloud Servers

To create a group, click on the green Create Products button for the type of product you wish to make a group. Scroll to the bottom of the reseller module and locate the dropdown with the title "Group to Create Selected Products in ."To create a new group here, press the + button to open a popup to enter the following information:

Group Name: Create a name for the product group. Only administrators in your WHMCS admin area will be able to see and use this.

Group Description: An optional description for the group to help yourself and any admins distinguish this group.

When you finish entering this information, press the green Create Group button to continue.

Now that you've created a group, you can select it from the dropdown list when making products and add these products to your chosen group. Once you've finished configuring the products, press the green Create Products button.

How To Create Products

Creating products within your WHMCS admin area is extremely simple and only requires three steps:

  1. Select the product you want to create.
  2. Configure the pricing markup for the base price of the product as well as the configurable option price.
  3. Choose the Product Group for the Product.

Selecting Products to Create

When starting this task, remember that the products and services available break down into two groups, Shared Hosting Services and Hostwinds Other Services.

Shared Hosting Services: This group consists of the three tiers of shared hosting that White Label Resellers can resell: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate.

Hostwinds Other Services: This group consists of everything else White Label Resellers can resell. Cloud Instances (both HDD and SSD), Managed and Unmanaged VPSes, and Licenses reside in this group.

Click on the Create Products button, and you move to the Product Creator page.

Clicking the checkbox on the far left of the product listing will populate a product you will create in the product group you select. The product will display a short description of the product and its offers.

Configuring Price Markups

The Price Markup is the percentage difference between what you pay for Hostwinds products and sell to your customers.  Hostwinds products are purchased at 100% of their total retail cost to the White Label Reseller. Therefore, anything sold by the White Label Reseller less than or equal to 100% of the total Hostwinds retail cost would not make any profit. In other words, if you sell with a cost markup lower than 100%, you make a deficient profit proportional to the amount you reduce the percentage.

Any markup you set higher than 100% is your profit on each service of that type sold. If you select 125% for a product with a base price of $5, your client will pay $6.25 ( a 25% increase over $5). You will pay $5 for the product, and your net profit from this markup will be $1.25.

You can set different markups for different products and adjust these at any time. When you enter a new value into the price markup field, the data under the Your Profit Row displays the profit you make for that product for each of the billing cycles.

You can apply the same price markup to the Config Option Markup column, which applies to configurable options related to the product. These can be additional IP addresses, C-Class IP addresses, Operating System fees (Windows only), etc.

Selecting the Product Groups for Newly Configured Products

Once you finalize the product selection for this group and configure the pricing markups, you can select the group to add these products and services.

Carefully ensure that you check the boxes of all products you wish to create on the far left of the product. Double-check that all the markups have been set for each service or product before you move forward.

To move forward, select the group that you want to add the products and services to from the Group dropdown. Additionally, you can press the + button and create a new product group.

Once you have completed every task above, click the Create Products button.

The screen will display a loading message of "Please wait..." until the process is complete. Once the process completes and the creation is finished, you will receive a message at the top of the screen in green text letting you know that the products have been created.