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How To Install Hostwinds Reseller Module

Installing Hostwinds Reseller Module

You can download Hostwinds' reseller Module from this link:

Download this zipped directory to your desktop. Use the FTP program of your choice and log in using your cPanel / FTP login credentials. You created your login credentials from your earlier choices in set up, and they will be:

  • Your domain name or your account's IP address as the Host.
  • Your cPanel username is the username.
  • Your cPanel account's password for the password using FTP port number 21.

Once you have logged in, move to the directory where your WHMCS installation is installed. Generally, this will be within public_html/WHMCS or the document root you chose earlier during the installation process.

On your desktop, unzip the downloaded file, and enter it into the directory you unzipped. From there, you see two-parent folders: one called modules and the other servicesResellerAPI.

In the FTP account you connected with, look for the folder labeled modules and double-click this folder from your FTP program.

From your desktop, do the same and open the folder labeled modules. Here, you will now see two folders labeled add-ons and servers.

Select both of these folders and drag them into the folder for modules on your FTP program. Doing so uploads the appropriate files needed into your WHMCS installation for later use.

Next, you need to upload the folder for servicesResellerAPI.

The servicesResellerAPI folder within your desktop is one of the two-parent folders from the unzipped file. Upload this folder directly to your WHMCS installation folder. If you have installed WHMCS using Softaculous, the default is public_html/whmcs.

Configuring and Installing ServicesReseller Module

Once the files mentioned in the above steps upload, the module populates in your WHMCS admin area. Find it by clicking the Setup dropdown link and click on the Addon Modules link.

Note: If you logged into your WHMCS admin area before the upload, you need to refresh your browser session to see this.

Next, you will need to press the green Activate button to activate the module. Once you have done so, press the Configure button and select the admin role groups allowed to access this module. If you have not set up any additional admin role groups, checking the box for Full Administrator will provide you with access. Once checked, click the Save Changes link.

Congratulations! You can now move to the Addons dropdown link in your WHMCS dashboard and click on the Hostwinds Reseller link for access.