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White Label Reseller Simplified Overview

Hostwinds offers clients a White Label Reseller solution for reselling our services. You can resell ANY Hostwinds product as your own, without your client ever seeing the Hostwinds name, brand or logo.

This service is unique, and Hostwinds is very proud to offer our clients this service. Generally, this is a service used by entrepreneurial clients who spend their time and money to ensure they only provide their clients with their information, leaving out anything Hostwinds.

With White Label Resellers, you receive a Basic Shared Hosting account placed on a server that is unbranded.

Hostwinds technicians set everything up for you! We create your WHMCS, and we set up your products and services in your WHMCS for resale.

You can then add your payment processing information, such as Paypal and Credit Card Processing settings. Additionally, you can change the price of your products to whatever you wish to charge for these services.

You can under-price the Hostwinds service to attract more customers or overpriced them to make more profits.

How it works

White Label Resellers need to have either a credit card on file with Hostwinds or sufficient account credit.

If someone places an order from your website, your installation of WHMCS automatically orders the matching product on your Hostwinds account. This is why you will need a credit card on file. The information is then passed back to your WHMCS account with the client's information and excludes any Hostwinds identifiers.

For example, you can charge $50 per month for a VPS that costs $7.50 per month from Hostwinds. You would then only pay the $7.50 to Hostwinds and get to keep the profit of the difference for yourself.