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How can I tell if my PayPal Subscriptions is still active?

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  1. First, you will need to log into your PayPal account page.
  2. Then on the top right of the page, click on the “Gear” icon, this will bring you to your Account Settings
  3. In the drop-down down menu select “Payments,” then the “Manage Pre-Approved payments” button

From here, you will be brought to a page that lists all pre-approved payments you have previously set up.

  • You will notice the list does include the name of the merchant, description of the type of payment, and the status of it.

Clicking on the name of the merchant will allow you to get further details. Both PayPal Subscriptions and Billing Agreements will have a unique ID number that you would be able to see in those details:

  • Subscriptions – Will start with the letter “I” followed by a dash and then a combination of twelve letters and numbers. They would look something like this “I-XX8X8XX8X8X8.”
  • Billing Agreements – Will start with the letter “B” followed by a dash and then a combination of seventeen numbers and letters. They would look something like this
    ” B-0XXX000000XXX00XX”

You can tell that your Subscription is still active if it is listed as such on the main page or if you are given the option to cancel it.

Please note

PayPal Billing Subscriptions are no longer supported and Hostwinds began supporting  Billing Agreements in stead starting in 2016.

How Can I Cancel my Subscription?

If you follow the steps listed above, click on the merchant name to display further details. You will be brought to a page that gives the option to cancel. You will need to click on the “Cancel link”, this will trigger a “Cancel Confirmation” pop up. Click the “Yes” button to complete canceling your Subscription.

Can I Get Refunded if my Subscription Was Sending Extra Payments?

For any payments that were made less than 30 days ago, yes.

  • Everything else would be added as an account credit.

Before this could happen, however, we would need you supply us with the Transaction IDs, so that our Billing team would be able to manually add them to your account.

As we had stopped accepting PayPal Subscriptions in 2016, those payments are not linked to your account, and the only way that Billing would be able to get access to the IDs would be if you supplied them.

  • Please do double check that the IDs you send are from your Subscription and not your Billing Agreement.

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