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Hostwinds’ Unmanaged Cloud Services

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What is an Unmanaged Service?

Hostwinds’ Unmanaged Cloud servers are services where we provide servers to you without any technical, management or administrative assistance or support. These services are provided for clients with prior knowledge and experience of Linux or Windows Server Administration or already have an IT staff in place to handle Server Administration. These services provide these clients with exceptional savings.

To ensure clients can troubleshoot their Unmanaged Cloud servers, we grant you with full root/administrator access to the server instance, as well as VNC or serial console to troubleshoot any issues and have full control over your server.

What does Hostwinds Support on Unmanaged Services?

Hostwinds understands that due to the nature of these servers, even the most skilled and experienced Server Administrators won’t have full access to everything regarding their server. As a result, Hostwinds will still maintain and support the infrastructure level. We’ll ensure that the instance is correctly created on the host node(s) and that any top-level issues are resolved where the use of your control panel/VNC logins are not sufficient.

Hostwinds also offers a large selection of helpful knowledge base articles on several of our more common installation and operating system topics that we are asked.

Cloud Portal & Cloud Control

You will also have access to manage and control your instance from your fully featured Cloud Control Panel and Cloud Portal through your Client Area on

What If I Need Support?

You can Upgrade your Plan from Unmanaged to Managed at any time of your choosing. In order to do so, you will follow the steps found in this article.

We suggest using our Managed VPS unless you are 100% confident that you will not need any Technical Support so that we can assist right away with any issues that need our immediate support and attention.

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