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Create, submit, and manage tickets

What are Tickets?

Tickets are the primary system by which Hostwinds interacts with you, our clients. We have built a streamlined ecosystem that separates tickets by departments, date, and specificity of the task. Hostwinds created our system to respond as soon as possible and solve all our client's problems with the correct solution in the most suitable way.

Note: Hostwinds provides multiple avenues to open tickets within our system. One thing every process shares is that you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area.

Ticket Creation

On the Client Area home page, click the Support dropdown link on the top menu, then on the second link from the top, click Open A Ticket. From this link, you go to the OPEN TICKET page, where you can choose from the three departments. Please select the department most closely aligned with the questions you have to open a ticket to get the best experience.

Sales: The Sales department helps you to set up any pre-purchase options. They answer any questions you may have about plans and services so you can jump into Hostwinds platforms correctly and concisely.

Technical Support: Technical Support guides you through solving most of the problems you can run into while using a Hostwinds product or service. We follow a tiered style of service that ensures your situation goes to the Frontline Agent that is best available to fix it.

Billing: You can address billing issues via the Billing department. Invoices, Payment options, disputes, and more go here for address in expediency.

Once you have selected the department you need to speak with, Hostwinds will take you to the individual page for the opening ticket.

To help us get to work as quickly as possible, please summarize your question in the Subject area. Then, in the Message area, describe the question you have in as much detail as possible. We will be able to help you better with as much information as you can provide. You can format the text in the Ticket Message area, link to documents or pages, and preview the rendered message. A map is also available to view all formatting options. The question icon presents a map of all the available formatting options.

When you are satisfied with the Subject, Message, Attachments, and Styling, click the green Submit Ticket button. Your ticket will now enter Hostwinds Tiers of the service ecosystem, and one of our frontline agents will be jumping in as soon as possible to get working.

Ticket Management

You can view all tickets that are associated with your account on the My Support Tickets page. In addition, you can access the My Support Tickets page from the top Client Area Menu by clicking the Support dropdown link and then clicking the Tickets link.

A table presents all tickets associated with your account, and you can filter or search through them by the following:

  • Name
  • Subject
  • Status
  • Last Updated

Note: You can also open a new Ticket from this area.

Selecting a ticket from the My Support Tickets table will show details of that specific ticket. You can continue a conversation with the green Reply dropdown button. Clicking the Reply dropdown button on a closed ticket will open this closed ticket for future use. In this way, you can continue to solve a problem that you may not have solved.

When you or someone else has closed a Ticket, you can provide feedback to Hostwinds about the ticket. Hostwinds takes this opportunity to use your feedback to improve our services and the support we provide. We greatly appreciate any comments you may have.