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Mass Payments

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Mass Payments are a way of paying for multiple invoices at once.
This is accomplished by generating an invoice for the total cost of the payments due. When that invoice is paid an Account Credit is added to the account and then used to pay off the invoices listed under the Mass Payment.

How Would I Make A Mass Payment?

Start by logging into the  Client Area; then click on the “Billing” tab and select “Mass Payment” from the drop-down menu. This will bring you to page like the one below:

hostwinds mass payment invoice

Then select the payment method desired and click the green “Make Payment” button.

What Happens If I Create The Mass Payment Invoice But Cannot Pay For It?

The Mass Payment invoice would remain active and like any other invoice will attempt to get paid. If you have automatic payments on file with us, they could be used to make your payment.

What If I Paid For The Invoices That Were On My Unpaid Mass Payment Invoice?

If you have paid for the invoices and your Mass Payment invoice is still active, the automation would still attempt to pay the Mass Payment Invoice. In cases like this, it would be imperative that you open a ticket to Billing to request the Mass Payment invoice be canceled. Since it is technically a way of creating account credit; it would not be refundable if it were to be paid.

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