What Is A PayPal Billing Agreement?

A PayPal Billing Agreement is a pre-approved automatic payment method that Hostwinds requires be in place to pay via PayPal.


How Does A Billing Agreement Work?

Billing Agreements will track unpaid invoices and perform a “pull” payment from your PayPal account within the first few hours of the invoice coming due. The automation they use can only pull payments on invoices that exist on your account and only for the amounts listed on said invoices.


How Do I Set It Up?

Step 1:  Login to your Client Area

Step 2:  Click on your Billing Tab and select Paypal Billing Agreements from the drop-down menu


Paypal Agreement Location Image


Step 3:  Click Create New Billing Agreement button


Create New Billing Agreement Button Image


Step 4:  Follow the prompts from the Paypal window


Paypal Billing Agreement Portal Image


Can I Still Pay Manually?

Provided you want to do so early and your Billing Agreement is active, yes. You would need to visit your invoice page, select PayPal as the payment method and then click the “check out” button.


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