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Does Hostwinds Accept eChecks?

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Yes, we do accept eChecks through PayPal.

How Long Would an eCheck Take to Clear?

According to PayPal, an eCheck can take up to 6 business days in the US to clear, with different time frames from other regions. You can check the times listed in this article from PayPal.

Will Hostwinds Mark My Invoice Paid While We Wait for the eCheck to Clear?

Unfortunately not, the funds form an eCheck payment would not be sent to us by PayPal until after the eCheck has cleared. As there is a chance that the eCheck can fail, we would not be able to safely mark the invoice as paid until the eCheck has cleared and PayPal has completed the payment to us.. Once payment clears and your invoice will be marked as “Paid”.

For a little more on why an invoice paid by PayPal may be marked “Unpaid”, you may want to follow this link

Why was My Payment Processed as an eCheck Instead of Instant Transfer?

This can depend on several factors and ultimately would be a decision made by PayPal in processing your payment. However, according to their FAQs, it can in part depend on the funding sources you have on file with them. This link to PayPal’s FAQs speaks to this in greater detail.

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