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I paid with PayPal but my invoice shows unpaid, what happened?

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There are a few scenarios where this would happen.

  1. You have attempted a manual payment and for one reason or another, there was a delay in PayPal processing your payment. Thankfully this is an issue that will resolve its self over time. The best thing to do is wait five minutes and then refresh the page for your invoice.
  2. Payment was attempted (either manually or automatically through your Billing Agreement) and PayPal has processed the payment as an eCheck. Unfortunately, eChecks can take upwards of 6 banking days to clear and would not be able to be counted toward your invoice until they do.
  3. You have a PayPal Subscription still active, this is a method of payment through PayPal that we have not supported since 2016 and would not have a way of receiving payments from it in our system. You would want to review this link to see what can be done if it is still active.

Should I Re-Attempt Payment if the Invoice Shows Unpaid?

Absolutely not.
If payment is still processing on your invoice and it is marked “Unpaid”, if you re-attempt to pay,  PayPal will end up processing every attempt made and would not by any means cancel out previous attempts to pay the same invoice.

If you continually attempt to pay an unpaid invoice that PayPal is still processing, you will only create multiple payments for the same invoice.

How Can I Tell the Difference Between When a Payment Failed and When a Payment is Still Processing?

When a PayPal payment fails, we will pass on an error message that PayPal had supplied us along with the numbered error code that explains it. If you receive that message, the payment has failed.

If you have not received that message and the invoice is marked unpaid you will want to do the following:

  1. Wait 5 minutes and then refresh your invoice to see if it is still unpaid
  2. Check your PayPal account and look up your current transaction IDs, see if there is a transaction to Hostwinds
  3. Open a ticket to Billing and include the transaction number so that they can look into why it has not been received on our end.