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How Do Your Prove Ownership of a Credit Card?

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To prove ownership of a Credit Card, the following steps will need to be completed:

  • From a reliable email address, send an email to
  • Set the Subject as “Proof of Ownership, ” and your message as “Ticket opened to prove ownership for the account under email address (insert the email address attached to the account)” and then include a scanned image of your credit card.
    • We will need to see the last four digits, name, and expiration date on the card.
    • For your security, please block out the first 12 digits

A staff member will forward the ticket to Billing, from there any needed changes would be made

If a scan of the card cannot be supplied

The following details may be supplied as an alternative:

  • Last 4 digits of the Credit Card
  • The date and amount in USD of the two most recent payments
  • The billing zip code
  • The IP address or Hostname associated with the account 
  • The IP address from which the last payment would have been made