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Why Was My Card Declined?

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Generally, the financial institution that backs a given Credit Card would determine whether or not to Accept (or Decline) an attempted payment.

Payment can be declined for multiple reasons. Financial Institutions would work with the goal to protect their Client’s finances and personal information.  As such considerations like the ones listed below may lead to a Declined transaction.

  • A larger purchase than normal
  • A purchase made in a location that differs greatly from the billing address
  • A purchase of goods or services that differ greatly from what the card is normally used for
  • Unusual activity on the Credit Card

There are of course other considerations that would factor into the decision of whether or not to decline payment, including a possible lack of funds.

The best way to find out the exact reason would be to reach out to the financial institution that supports the Credit Card used. As they would not generally wish to share private financial information with a third party (the merchant) this would not typically be information that would be shared with us.

What is an AVS Mismatch?

An AVS Mismatch is the only reason for a Decline that would be reliably shared with us.

These occur when the address on file with Hotwinds does not match the billing address that is on file for the Credit Card.

This typically can be corrected by updating the contact information to match the billing address for the Credit Card.