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Backups Retention Periods

Backups hold your data so that you can upload your backups in case of failure at any point and remain unaffected. Retention periods are the length of time that Hostwinds will hold a backup for you. As backups constantly generate, it makes sense to have an expiration date on the recurring backup addon.

Backup Retention Period Information


Backups are taken nightly by default and have a retention period of sixty (60) days. You can only change Backup Retention Periods from the Cloud Portal by opening a technical support ticket and speaking with one of our Frontline Agents.

Alternatively, you can log in to your server and utilize the hwagent command to edit the retention period if you have the ability.

hwagent routine backups --retention [integer]


Hostwinds bills you for the cost of the Backup service. In addition to the cost of storing these backups at an hourly rate.

Monthly, the cost of using Cloud Backups is:

  1. $1.00 per month: For the Addon, that would create the backups.
  2. $0.03 per GB per month (30 days): For the cost of storing the backups in our Object Storage.

Retention Period

Backups are taken nightly by default and have a retention period of sixty (60) days. Customize this retention period on your Shared Hosting plan from the client area. Or request a custom retention period on your service by opening a technical support ticket to our technicians.

Note: To make full use of this article, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. Additionally, this article outlines processes in your Cloud Control portal. To access your Cloud Control portal, click on the Cloud Control dropdown at the top of the Client portal dashboard menu and click on the Cloud Portal link.

To customize your retention period for your account from the Client Area home page, click the manage button of the hosting plan you want to edit. You are sent to this specific hosting plan's overview page. At the top left of the dashboard, click the Addons link in the Overview dropdown to head to the Addons page for this plan.

On the Addons page, find the backups plan and click the dropdown. Choose from a dropdown list of time-frames you can choose from that defines how long your backups are stored before being deleted. Note that new backups continually generate, and you can always download old backups should you need them.

Once you've selected your backups retention period choices, click on the green Update Retention Period button.