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Install and Set up SSL Certificates from Scratch

Steps To Install And Setup An SSL From Scratch

This guide starts after you've entirely generated your CSR request and received the official SSL from the certificate authority (CA). Then, with your SSL email in place, follow the steps below to install it on your website.

Getting started

To start, navigate to the Security section and click on the SSL/TLS link to move to the SSL/TLS area. From here, you will click on the Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) Manage SSL button link.

Scroll down to the Install an SSL Website section and choose your domain from the domain dropdown box. You will need to copy and paste the certificate from your email into the Text Box, then click the Autofill by Domain button. This will fill the Private Key and Certificate Authority Bundle text box.

After you have done this, click the Install Certificate button to finish the installation.

A pop-up will confirm your certificate has been installed.

Congratulations! You've now successfully installed your SSL on your website. You should see the new green bar with HTTPS in the URL indicating successful installation.

How To Renew An SSL Certificate

To renew an SSL certificate, you need to purchase a new certificate for the domains in question. The process of both buying a new SSL and purchasing a renewed SSL are identical and can be a multi-step process that requires your input at various steps.

For SSL certificates purchased from Hostwinds, technical support can assist in installing and configuring the domain's certificate in question by submitting a ticket.

SSL certificates purchased from third-party vendors can be installed by our support technicians for a one-time fee.