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Hostwinds' Migration Policy

First 60 Days of Service

Within your first 60 days of service for a product, Hostwinds will assist fully with migrations.

Submit a website transfer support ticket so that your migration request is received and so that we can begin on this right away.

Hostwinds will migrate any control panel, or lack of control panel, to your selected hosting service within that service's first 60 days.

Once our Support Technicians have completed the migration, you will receive an update requesting you to review the content migrated. Once you have confirmed the migration was successful, our team will provide you with your updated nameservers to point your domain(s) to your service and finalize your migration.


Hostwinds will not merge multiple cPanel accounts into a single cPanel account.

Migrations for Downgrades of Service

If you are downgrading your Hostwinds service and your service is fully managed, Hostwinds will assist you with the migration within the first 60 days of service for the newly purchased service.

Hostwinds goes to great lengths to make migrations as easy for you as possible and make sure you are delighted with the migration before making any changes to your DNS. If you are comfortable helping with the migration or doing this yourself, we are always happy to help you along the way if you need us.