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Hostwinds White Label Reseller Overview

Hostwinds White Label Reseller is an advanced reseller program designed to quickly set up your web hosting platform. With it, you get access to a primary control panel and hosting for your clients. You also get powerful tools that come with WHMCS to set your prices and manage your products.

All Hostwinds branding disappears, and you will be able to set your branding as desired as you build your own web hosting business. You'll be able to resell Hostwinds incredible products that are already in high demand across the world. The base price for a Hostwinds White Label Reseller account is $10/mo.

Included With White Label Specifically

White Label comes with cPanel access to manage your domain and emails, equivalent to Shared Basic Hosting. It provides a WHMCS license key to help you manage your web hosting billing & automation.

How White Label Reselling Works

Step One: Your clients will visit your site and purchase hosting at the increased price you set.

Step Two: This order is placed at standard Hostwinds pricing to you.

Step Three: You will pay Hostwinds for the order at 100% retail cost

Step Four: You then keep the difference above the 100% Hostwinds retail cost as profit.

For example, suppose you sell a Hostwinds product for $15.00, and the Hostwinds retail cost was $10.00.  You would collect $5.00 total profit at a 50% markup.

Additionally, suppose you set your resold Basic Shared Hosting to a price of 5% above Hostwinds retail cost per month, and the client purchases a year's worth of Basic Shared Hosting. In this case, they will pay the base price plus an additional 5%. An order is placed at Hostwinds through you, and you pay Hostwinds the base price.  You keep the remaining percentage markup increase (determined by you) as profit.

Note: You can resell as many products as you like through our White Label Reseller plan.


Hostwinds allows you to sell the following Hostwinds products:

The Difference Between White Label and Standard Reseller

White Label is a more complex, powerful, and flexible ecosystem for reselling. Our Standard Reseller plans work similarly to bulk-purchased Basic Shared accounts, which you distribute to your clients under our Hostwinds name.

White Label is the complete product range of Hostwinds that is sold under your name instead. White Label Reseller servers have no branding by Hostwinds, meaning no Hostwinds server names or logos ever appear.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to our White Label home page. Go to the checkout screen by clicking on the blue Start Your White Label Account button.

Hostwinds directs you to the White Label Reseller purchase page, where we will present you with options you may want to add to this plan. Among these options is the domain section, where you will enter the domain you wish to acquire or transfer. Click on the Select Domain button to check the registration. If applicable, click the Add to Cart button to apply to your package.

Note: Hostwinds will need the EPP code from your current registrar if you want to transfer an existing domain. You will need to send this by opening a ticket directed toward our billing department after you have completed your purchase.

Once payment is received, Hostwinds sends you a welcome email that contains your hosting information. Please note that this email sends to the registered email you provided.

The emails will contain two main pieces of information, and if you do not receive both, please check your spam folder. If you cannot find them as well, please get in touch with us immediately. The information included in the emails:

  • Hostwinds Hosting Account Information (cPanel login details, server name, and nameservers)
  • WHMCS License Key Provisioned (will have your WHMCS license key, along with directions on installing the latest version of WHMCS. There will also be documentation available for review)

Hostwinds creates a technical support ticket for your White Label Reseller Hosting set up at the time of purchase. Once set up, Hostwinds Support will communicate and confirm your admin URL, username, and password for your services.