What is the Difference Between Shared and Business Hosting?

NOTE: If you require SSH or RDP access, or require a more secured and independent environment, such as Custom PHP versions or a different Web Engine like Nginx or LiteSpeed, an independent hosting platform(dedicated or cloud server) would be required.


The following table should clarify the differences:

Features Shared Business
Clients Per Server 200 50
CPU Limit 25% No CPU Soft Limit*
Excessive Resource Suspension Yes, after five (5) warnings None
Virus/Malware Scans Twice monthly Weekly
PHP Memory Limit 256MB 512MB

*The CPU Soft Limit is what triggers an Excessive Resource Warning Other features explained:

  • Clients Per Server –  The number of clients that we place on each shared or business server
  • CPU Limit – Total CPU limit that scripts will operate at
  • Excessive Resource Suspension – As our servers are shared among users, those who abuse the system may receive a suspension, Generally you will be warned before any suspension
  • Virus/Malware Scans – We run these often, however you can also run your own: https://www.hostwinds.com/guide//cpanel-virus-scan/


Our Business Plans are monitored for resources, but they are not automatically suspended for Excessive Resource
Usage like the Shared Plans. If you begin using too many resources, you would have to upgrade to no less than a Level 5 cloud server.
 in order to see upgraded performance.

Our Shared Plans however are limited to 25% CPU and if they hit that limit more than 5 times in a month the account will be automatically suspended.

This is in good practice for fair share of server resources between all users on the server. (That way, we prevent people from hosting Google on our servers for $5 a month.)


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