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How Can You Help With A Fraudulent Payment?

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We take fraud very seriously and will do everything in our power to help you if your payment method has been used fraudulently with us. With some restrictions, we would be able to reverse the funds and close out the account using your payment information. To do this, we would need you to prove ownership of the payment method that had been used.

How Would Someone Prove Ownership Of A Payment Method?

Fraud With Credit Card:

  • Send an email to
  • Set the Subject as “Fraud Proof of Ownership” 
  • For the message paste the following “I am opening this ticket to report a fraudulent payment on my card and prove that I am the true owner of the card that had been used” 
  • We will need you to please provide a scanned image of your credit card.
    • We would only need to see the last four digits, name, and expiration date on the card. For your security, please block out the first 12 digits.

While we understand that there is hesitancy in supplying the information listed above, please remember that if your card was used with us, this information is already in our system. We simply need to get a visual confirmation to prove you are the owner of the card involved.

Ultimately this will generate a ticket that will be forwarded to Billing for review. The information would be compared against our records and what can be done going from there.  Once our billing department gives an update, both the ticket and the initial email will receive a reply. 

Fraud With PayPal:

From the email address that is used for your PayPal account, send an email to

  • Set the Subject as “Fraud Proof of Ownership” and your message as “I am opening this ticket to report fraudulent use of my PayPal account and to prove I am the rightful owner of said account.”
  • A staff member will forward this ticket to our Billing team who will then recap the situation and ask that you, please confirm.

Because the ticket was opened through the email your PayPal account was set up with, the only way to respond to the ticket would be logging into that email. As such a response from it will show that you are most likely the owner of the email address and thus the PayPal account.

What Are The Restrictions Mentioned Earlier?

With Credit Card, we would not be able to reverse the charge(s) past 72 hours of it being made. Which means we would need to have proved that you are the true owner within that time frame.

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