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Service Cancellation

Hostwinds make service cancelation as easy as purchasing a service.

To make any changes outlined below, you must first log in to the Hostwinds Client Area.

Important Details Before Canceling

Before you officially cancel your service, review the following important details.

  • Ensure you have complete data backups before submitting a cancellation request. All data associated with a service will be terminated immediately after choosing to cancel it. (This does not include separately stored data such as Object Storage)
  • Object storage data and backups ordered for this service will not be automatically removed. You must additionally delete any backups from your object storage service manually.

    Warning. Be aware that object storage (including any object storage created by Cloud Backups) is billed hourly but invoiced on the first day of the month. If you cancel your Hostwinds service before the end of the month but forget to remove all associated object storage items, you will still receive an invoice on the first day of the month for object storage service. Be sure to delete all associated object storage items before or shortly after canceling the Hostwinds service (if that is what's intended).
  • Hostwinds employees are not permitted to cancel services on behalf of a customer because of the sensitive nature of stored data. Therefore, customers must cancel their services by following the guided steps below.
  • Canceling a service is immediate and irrevocable.

How To Cancel Your Service

  1. From your Client Area dashboard, please select the Services dropdown and then select My Services.
  2. You will be directed to the MY PRODUCTS & SERVICES page and presented with a table showing all the services you have purchased, whether they are active or not. Select the green Manage button next to the service you wish to cancel. Selecting Manage will take you to that service's dashboard page.
  3. Under the Actions menu, select Request Cancellation from the list of available options - this begins the cancellation process.
  4. A dropdown requesting the cancellation reason appears. Once you understand the warnings, select the Request Cancellation button to complete the process.

As mentioned above, Hostwinds object storage is billed separately from any associated services that may use said object storage. You must review your object storage after canceling a Hostwinds service to ensure no related items are in object storage. For example, if a service placed a backup in object storage, you must manually delete the backup so that you are not billed for it moving forward.

For further information regarding Object Storage, please refer to our product documentation here.