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Fraudulent Payments

At Hostwinds, we consider fraud as a serious matter and are committed to providing assistance if your payment method has been fraudulently used on our platform. Subject to certain limitations, we will refund the payment and terminate the associated account based on your payment details.

Proving Ownership of Payment Methods

In accordance with our Terms of Service, Hostwinds determines the ownership of an account by verifying the payment method on file. Consequently, the payment method is considered the authorized owner, and our sales department is authorized to use this information to direct billing disputes to the appropriate department for swift resolution.

We urge you to confirm that you are not utilizing any of our services prior to notifying us of any fraudulent payments. Please note that fraudulent purchases will be promptly terminated and cannot be reinstated. Additionally, the Hostwinds account discovered will be closed.

To report a fraudulent payment for quick resolution, please follow the steps outlined below in accordance with the payment method fraudulently used.

Proving Credit Card Ownership

If you have experienced a fraudulent payment on your credit card, please perform the following steps.

  1. Send an email to with the subject Fraud Proof of Ownership.
  2. In the message of the email, please paste or input "I am opening this ticket to report a fraudulent payment on my card and prove that I am the true owner of the card used."
  3. We will require an image of your card. The image of your credit card will need to contain the last four (4) digits, your name, and expiration date. (For your security, the first twelve (12) digits are not necessary and do not need to be provided)

This process generates a ticket that is forwarded to our billing department for review. Hostwinds then compares the information against our records to determine the next course of action. Once our billing team updates the ticket, both the initial email and the ticket will receive a reply.

We understand that providing the information listed above may cause some hesitation. However, please bear in mind that if you used your card with us, this information is already in our system. We require visual confirmation to establish that you are the legitimate owner of the card in question.

Please note that we are unable to reverse charges made with credit cards that are more than 72 hours old. This means that we must verify your ownership within that timeframe to proceed with any reversal.

Proving PayPal Ownership

If you have experienced a fraudulent payment with your PayPal account, please perform the following steps.

  1. From the email address used for your Paypal account, send and email to with the subject Fraud Proof of Ownership.
  2. In the message of the email, please paste or input "I am opening this ticket to report fraudulent use of my PayPal account and to prove I am the rightful owner of said account."
  3. The email will create a ticket that will be forwarded to the Hostwinds billing department. Our billing department will review and request that you confirm. We will require a confirmation response before providing resolution.

Since you opened the ticket using the email address associated with your PayPal account, the only way to respond to the ticket is by logging into that email. Therefore, any response from that email address confirms that you are likely the owner of the email address and, by extension, the PayPal account.

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