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How do you prove PayPal Ownership?

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To prove ownership of a Paypal account, the following steps will need to be completed when logged out from your Hostwinds Account:

  1. From the email address that is linked to your PayPal account, send an email to
  2. Set the Subject as “Proof of Ownership, ” and your message as “Ticket opened to prove ownership.” Please also include the name or domain name on the account that needs to be accessed. 
  3. A staff member will respond to the ticket, requesting that you reply to them, to confirm ownership.
  4. You’ll then need to respond, doing so will prove ownership of the PayPal account.

Why Does This Prove Ownership?

While it is possible to spoof an email address, our ticketing system would only send alerts to the email address listed on a ticket. As there currently is not a way to easily intercept such emails, it is likely that whoever responds to an email alert we send is the owner of that email address.  In this case, if someone owns the email address used for a PayPal account, it is also likely they own the PayPal account.

Which is why this process would complete the burden of proving ownership, as you will have proved that you own the email address that is connected to the PayPal account.