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Ordering an Unmanaged Linux VPS Service

Our Unmanaged Linux VPS gives you a Linux-based server with a desktop environment. You get full access to the server, as well as dedicated resources, independent of other users. This server is entirely yours to use as you wish. This server, however, does not include any support from Hostwinds.

1. To place an order for an Unmanaged Linux VPS Service, you need to either start the order from your Hostwinds Client Portal and the Cloud Control Portal or directly from our website on the Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting page. Both will take you to the same Order Page.

2. Log into Your Client Portal and on the Shortcuts menu, Click the Order New Services Link.

  • Select the Billing Cycle for your Service.
  • Select your services Location.
  • Choose the Type of service you want, Basic/Advanced/Ultimate for shared or Tiers 1-10 for VPSs.
  • Select any add-ons you would like to add.
    • This service can include Hostwinds Monitoring as an add-on service. Hostwinds Monitoring allows for real-time checks to your Hosting service. If these checks catch failures at any time, they automatically open a ticket to one of our Frontline Agents.
    • This service can include the Hostwinds Backup service, allowing for a nightly backup of your services stored within Hostwinds' Cloud Object Storage. These are used to restore your site should something happen when you are working on it.

3. Select and enter your payment information.

4. Check to agree to our terms of service and privacy policy and click on the Complete Order button.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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