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Ordering an Unmanaged Windows VPS Service

Our Unmanaged Windows Cloud VPSs give you a Windows-based server with a desktop environment. You get full access to the server, as well as dedicated resources independent of other users. This server is entirely yours to use as you wish. This server, however, does not include any support from Hostwinds.

Ordering an Unmanaged Windows VPS Plan

To place an order for an Unmanaged Linux VPS, you can start from either Hostwinds' Website or your Hostwinds Client Area but both will take you to the same Orders Page.

In this article though, we will continue with the steps an existing client must take to order a new Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting plan.

Note: To add an Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting plan to your account, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. From the Client Area home page, click the Services dropdown link on the top menu of the dashboard. Selecting the Order New Services link in the dropdown moves you to the Service Purchase page, where you are presented with all of Hostwinds' services available for purchase.

On the top-left of the page, the Categories dropdown shows a list of links. Clicking on the SSD Cloud Server Link to begin the process of purchasing it. The Managed VPS options we provide will appear to the right.

Client Information

You will be asked to enter in your name, company, phone number, and address.

Managed / Unmanaged

Hostwinds provides you with the option to compare prices between managed and unmanaged options by clicking on either of the buttons.

Billing Cycle

You will need to select the Billing Cycle next. This will determine the periods of time between each invoice you receive for your plan. Hostwinds offers several different lengths of billing cycles outlined below:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Biennially
  • Triennially


You must select the location of your hosting next. The closer the location is to your target market or main source of users, the quicker your speed. For example, If your users are primarily European, we recommend using our Amsterdam location for the best. You can test the latency and download times from your location on our Data Centers page.

Operating System

From here Hostwinds provides you a choice of every OS we support for installation on our hosting platform.

IP Addresses

Choose from 1 to 250 IP addresses for your server in the dropdown.

DDOS Protected IP Addresses

Hostwinds offers DDoS protection by way of separate IP addresses that can filter illegitimate requests. We offer 5 initially in the dropdown

C-Class IP Addresses

Choose from 1 to 250 C-Class IP addresses for your server in the dropdown.


The package section provides a comparison of all packages related to shared hosting in a dropdown. Note that changing the billing cycle dropdown will show you the price for the package you're choosing.


Hostwinds Monitoring: Our Monitoring system sets up real-time checks for your hosting service. If these checks catch failures at any time, they automatically open a ticket to one of our Frontline Agents, who immediately start to work on the solution.

Web hosting cloud Backups: Our Backup service provides a nightly backup of your services stored within Hostwinds' cloud Object Storage. These are used to restore your site should something happen when you are working on it.

Note: Backups are selected for your plan by default, and you can disable them at purchase by deselecting the monitoring addon. We recommend that backups are made for any service to safeguard against the potential risk of data loss.

Software Licenses

Hostwinds offers cPanel Licenses and Softaculous licenses for monthly purchase.

cPanel: cPanel is the standard for control panel software GUIs.

Softaculous: Softaculous auto-installer provides a one-click installation for hundreds of web applications.

Payment Information

Lastly, enter your payment information in the following section. Check to make sure you have selected the correct package. If you have selected Addons or selected multiple domains to purchase, these will display in the price breakdown. Please read and agree to Hostwinds terms of service agreement and click the blue Complete Order button at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased an Unmanaged Linux VPS Hosting plan!