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How do I Cancel My Services?

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Because our Client’s security is important to us, all cancellations would need to be initiated through the Client Area on the product page. To do this start by logging in to your  Client Area. From there:

Step 1:  Click on “Services,” “My Services,” find the product that needs to be canceled and click the “Manage” button next to it

Step 2:  Navigate to the “Actions” options on the left-hand side of the page and selection “Request Cancellation” 

Request Cancellation Image

Step 3: Select a reason and click the green “Request Cancellation” button

Please note that all cancellations are immediate and that it would be best to take a backup prior to completing this process.
Additionally, this will not result in the removal of any Object Storage or items held in Cloud Storage which would need to be managed separately.

Can I Cancel By a Live Chat?

Due to our commitment to protecting your services, data they hold and your finances involved, we cannot make account changes via live chat regarding billing matters. Because of this, we would never be able to cancel a service or disable renewal of a domain based on communication through live chat.

What if I Want the Service Until the End of My Billing Cycle?

All cancellations are immediate. As such we do not have an option to allow for a service to automatically cancel at the end of a billing cycle.

However, a cancellation can be placed at any time, if the goal is to retain a service until the last paid day of the current cycle, it would be best to submit the cancellation on the day before the Billing Cycle.

How do I Cancel a Domain?

Technically Domains cannot be canceled, however, you can disable their automatic renewal by following the instructions in this Article. This will both prevent invoices from being created and remove any pending ones.

Will This Process A Refund Too?

The direct answer to this question is no.  Generally, all requests for refunds will be determined by our Refund Policy, and any requests will need to be filed separately toward our Billing Department.

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